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Beasiswa  Singapura                                                              

tpa tes potensi akademik


Singapore Scholarship for ASEAN Countries Citizens

Deadline: Desember tiap tahun      Untuk: S1   

The Singapore Government awards the scholarship to Government-endorsed students from the other member countries of the ASEAN.


The Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: 31 Januari 2008     Untuk: S3, Paska S3  

The Singapore Millennium Foundation Ltd (SMF) is calling applications for the 
PhD with financial support of S$3,000 per month for up to 4 years and
Post Doctoral  with financial support of S$5,000 per month for up to 2 years


Sembcorp Undergraduate Scholarship

Untuk: S1

The selection of students for interview is based on the academic results of the candidates. Leadership and participation in extra curricular activities will be assessed during the interview


MBA Scholarships From Sampoerna Foundation

Deadline: 30 April 2007  Untuk: S2

Sampoerna Foundation Overseas MBA Scholarship Program is a mean to groom Indonesia’s future business leaders, Sampoerna Foundation provides qualified individuals the opportunity to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree at leading business school in USA, Australia, France, UK and Singapore


Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship

Deadline: 18 Desember 2006 Untuk: S1

Application for the Singapore Scholarship Academic Year 2007/2008  covers full tuition fees and a living allowance of S$4,300 




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